Wooden Crates

Sturdy wooden crates from our own production. The design is inspired by classic wine and vegetable boxes. Individually or in combination.The most versatile piece of furniture in the world. Shelves, a shoe Cabinet, trolleys, tables. Noodles wooden boxes are suitable for multiple interior design ideas. Let your creativity flow.

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Wooden box - one for everything

Let your creativity run wild: with a vintage wooden box from Noodles you can make, build and create practically anything your heart desires. Like modular furniture, you can customize our wooden boxes made from sustainable pine wood - the way you need them and the way you like them. You can stage them as individual pieces or combine many boxes to create a wide variety of ideas from them. Of course, they can also be used as classic fruit crates and wine crates or for food storage.


For what functions and uses are Noodles wooden boxes suitable?

Can I buy a wine box from you that I can also use as a bike basket?

In what sizes can I order your wooden boxes?

Why are your vintage wine boxes so beautiful?

Vintage wooden box: Quality & Sustainability as Standard

Sustainable wooden boxes from Noodles

For us, sustainability is not a current trend to which we have committed ourselves, but has been our program from the very beginning. When we started Noodles, Noodles & Noodles Corp. over 30 years ago, we initially sold restored workshop furniture, made using industrial construction methods from the early 20th century. An era of the industrial age, whose construction was characterized by the quality of materials and their durability. Design and functionality were one. The term vintage did not yet exist, however, at that time we already sold exactly such furniture. Our vintage wooden boxes are the logical continuation of this sustainable company tradition. Like our other furniture, this classic is modeled after an original that was perfect in itself, functional and beautiful at the same time. Today we sell in our store many products that follow this principle. For us, sustainability means resource-saving extraction and processing of materials. Our furniture outlasts all short-lived trends due to its timeless design and durability. Noodles furniture will still be timelessly beautiful in 100 years, just with a patina. Promised.

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An ingenious wooden box with history

Our vintage wooden boxes are a tribute to times when everyday utensils were not made of plastic and other low-quality materials, but still had quality. While today's everyday items and furniture are bought new every few years, we rely on durable and proven quality materials and traditional craftsmanship. The original use of wooden crates as wine crates, fruit crates or apple crates had good reasons then as now: Wood is a renewable resource that can be easily obtained and processed. Due to the construction with slats, the perishable contents of a wooden box, for example, fruit, can better ventilate. Wood also regulates humidity, which is another advantage for food storage. Last but not least, wooden boxes are stackable, space-saving and easy to transport. An all-around brilliant box, then, our Noodles wooden box.

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