Shelves made of steel and wood. Various widths and heights. High stability. The shelves combine functionality with urban aesthetics and the timeless design makes the shelves a versatile piece of furniture: in the workshop, in the living room, bedroom or dining area.

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Shelf Industrial - timelessly casual, versatile

Noodles shelves in industrial design impress with a casual look and their versatility.The characteristic style of our shelves comes from the distinctive materials: sturdy frames and frames made of dark steel combined with shelves in warm wood tones.With our industrial shelves you not only store your things simply, you put them in style.Whether as a wall shelf, to stand on or on castors, for kitchen, bedroom, living room or study - we have the right product for every room and your purposes.


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Industrial design shelves for any purpose

Stylish storage space for your things

With us you get the right piece of furniture for every purpose and room in the Authentic Industrial Look.Most of our shelves are multipurpose shelves.Thus, the design of the mesh shelf made of characteristic wire mesh and angle steel is borrowed from traditional workshop shelves.As a kitchen shelf, coat rack or as a bookshelf, the casual design adds a special atmosphere to any room where it is placed.Whether dishes, files, clothes or motorcycle helmet - a Noodles shelf you can use in many ways and it fits a lot.Which look would you like?The dark natural steel variant "Authentic Steel" looks casual, rough and is typical for the industrial design look.Bright in white powder coating, our furniture also goes well with other country style furniture.

Regal PX Authentic

One shelf - one statement

Durability, robustness and functionality are typical of industrial furniture, which in the early 20th century was built in manufactories, workshops and artisan workshops for personal use.Industrial design shelves from Noodles are just as durable, sturdy and functional.With our shelves you buy a piece of furniture that will last for generations.Not only in your four walls you set beautiful accents with our shelves in industrial design.Our shelves are regularly on fairs and are used in stores for presentation of goods.There's a good reason for that: a Noodles shelf gives the things inside not only storage space, but room for stylish presentation.A Noodles shelf is not just a shelf.It's a statement in the room it's in and on the wall it hangs on.And it accompanies you for a lifetime, because it lasts.

regal jh in pure white