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A Noodles lowboard in the industrial style is an edgy, striking piece of furniture that you can integrate into various furnishing styles. Imposing and idiosyncratic in look and at the same time functional and practical. This is what characterizes this timeless piece of furniture. And like everything at Noodles: made by hand in the best quality from sustainable materials.

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Lowboards Industrial- eccentric eye-catchers in heritage look

Our lowboards are truly unique: the eccentric heritage look of sheet metal, flat iron and angle steel, combined with the most beautiful wood, is reminiscent of the steel construction of the early 20th century. A time when built for eternity, aesthetics and functionality formed a harmonious whole. An industrial lowboard from Noodles made of metal is an eye-catcher with clear angular shapes that will add a special touch to any interior style. In addition, a lowboard is a useful piece of furniture, which, for example, as a TV board is a must-have for any living room.


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Sustainably manufactured TV lowboards

Sustainability in furniture construction that has proven itself for 30 years

At Noodles, we don't just believe in sustainability in furniture making, we've been doing it since our founding over 30 years ago. We rely on the tried and tested and continuity instead of short-lived trends. We offer you furniture that is made to last. No mass-produced, no throwaway items, at Noodles you buy furniture of timeless value, made by hand in a resource-saving and solid way. They stand for uncompromising quality in an age that is gradually developing a greater appreciation for solid and sustainable things again. We produce our industrial furniture ourselves in a traditional way in the industrial region of Upper Silesia. Our materials come from the region, from the extraction of raw materials to the finished material. The sustainable pine wood that we use, for example, as shelves in the Industrial Lowboards, comes from sustainable forestry. With Authentic Furniture you buy truly sustainable furniture of unique value that delivers what it promises.

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An Industrial TV Board for exciting movie nights

A timelessly beautiful industrial lowboard is a piece of furniture that every home theater deserves and so do you! Whether it's an Italo-Western, a gangster series or a crime scene - with an Industrial TV cabinet you can fully enjoy a perfect movie night. In a Noodles TV board you can put everything you need for a perfect multimedia corner in the living room. In the middle you have enough space to store your devices in style, the cables simply disappear through the circular recess in the back panel. You can lock the doors of the TV cabinet with a padlock or bolt. With a depth of 40 cm, the lowboard Industrial holds a lot of storage space for DVDs, CDs and all sorts of other things that are better kept tidy and invisible behind cabinet doors. A metal TV board that is practical in every way and is a sight to behold.

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