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An industrial wall coat rack will transform your hallway into an inviting space that will warmly welcome your guests and where you yourself will always be happy to arrive. Here you can store your jackets, coats, shoes and accessories in style and function. The space-saving wall-mounted coat racks fit anywhere and make beautiful accents in steel, wire mesh and wood.

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Wall coat rack industrial for your hallway

Noodles Industrial wall coat racks you can order in our online store in different looks: sometimes rough and striking, sometimes minimalist-elegant. But always impressive to look at and practical in any situation in life. If you don't have much space at home, one of our wall-mounted wardrobes is the perfect choice: You can hang them anywhere to store your clothes neatly and clearly. Your favorite pieces really come into their own on an open industrial style wall coat rack. With a wall coat rack from us you decide for the coolest and most casual way to hang up your clothes. So: hang loose!


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Small compact wall wardrobes with style

Wall mounted wardrobes: easy to assemble, practical to use

Where coat racks have too little floor space, wall coat racks are the ideal solution. If you only have a small hallway, our Industrial Wall Wardrobes provide ample storage space for your essentials so you can maintain open space on the floor. This makes small rooms look bigger. The small compact wardrobes for wall mounting are quickly mounted and also make a visual impression. The materials steel and wood in dark or light look can be integrated into diverse interior styles.On our wall coat racks in industrial style you can hang, store and put all kinds of things. Our mesh wall coat racks offer many hanging options. The included steel hooks you can flexibly hang on the wire mesh and clothes rail. You can use the upper shelf as a hat rack or for other accessories. You can buy additional steel hooks and hangers to match in the online store. An all-around compact, practical and stylish wardrobe.

Wandgarderobe schwarz

Your favorite pieces stored in the best way

A wardrobe is arguably one of the most important pieces of furniture there is. This is where you hang everything you want to have handy when you go out of the house. And when you come back home, a friendly interior awaits you, welcoming you and providing a neat place for your clothes. Our wall-mounted coat racks are clever little helpers that keep your favorite items neat and tidy. Originally, the term wardrobe comes from the French "garder la robe", which means to take care and watch over clothes. Our open industrial style wardrobes made of pure steel or with steel frame and wooden shelves are optimal keepers for your best pieces. The simultaneously functional and strikingly minimalist design is also a visual enhancement in any hallway.

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