Striking beds that live up to their promise. Handmade from steel. Absolutely stable, nothing wobbles and squeaks!

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Steel bed - simply dreamlike sleep

Puristic in design, great in effect: our steel beds in industrial design. Whether Jailhousefuck or Baseline bed, a Noodles steel bed is a unique design that will give you a lifetime of satisfaction. In our beds you sleep simply like a dream. In a nutshell: a bed to fall in love with! Order your favorite here: Design classic Jailhousefuck in prison bars look or the simply beautiful Baseline bed made of steel and elegant wood. With our complementary products such as mattresses and rolling grids, you have everything you need for a perfectly furnished bedroom and a dreamy good night's sleep.


How to assemble a Noodles metal bed in industrial design?

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Are Noodles beds made of steel available as single or double beds?

How long will Noodles beds last in industrial design?

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Steel beds in industrial design: Sustainably iconic

Industrial beds made sustainably

For us, sustainability means building furniture that lasts a lifetime and beyond.We achieve this with outstanding quality and timeless aesthetics.Like all our furniture, Noodles beds are built from steel.The material is recyclable and can be processed in a relatively resource-friendly way.We build our steel beds by hand in our furniture factory in Upper Silesia, a region where steel production and processing also has a long tradition.Steel is not only a recyclable material, but extremely durable and indestructible.It is not for nothing that prison cells are built with steel bars.Just as lifelong will accompany you our design classic Jailhousefuck.And of course our Baseline bed made of steel with decorative wooden elements on the headboard and footboard.Both beds in industrial style you can order in our store directly to your home with all accessories such as mattress and slatted frame.

Baseline Bett aus Stahl und Holz, Stahl Bett

Lifetime with a Noodles bed of steel

Our steel bed with a prison bars look - the Jailhousefuck - started our Noodles furniture success story.It was the first piece of furniture that we designed and produced.With success.Meanwhile, we have made thousands of customers happy with this bed!Maybe soon you too?Lifetime is program with this bed and all the other furniture that followed.Sturdy, stable, indestructible - that and the unmistakable industrial style makes our Noodles furniture.We build furniture for eternity, for generations.We also believe that living well requires a good night's sleep.With a Noodles bed in your bedroom, you'll create the perfect conditions for it!

Close Up - Jailhouse Bett in dunklem Naturstahl