To live and work.

Noodles Authentic Furniture is an endless declaration of love for early 20th century industrial design. With a lot of passion for really good design and handwork, the three founders have been focusing their own creations on continuing the tradition of good old craftsmanship since 1990 – and not just for fans of this history. They fuse scene culture, gastro, stores and urban lifestyle with high quality standards and a huge portion of taste, atmosphere and style. With us there is nothing that we do not like ourselves. Says Wolfgang Ahlers…

Noodles Authentic Furniture GmbH has created space for coziness, networking, cookouts and for cozy living room events. We have designed furniture to give you the opportunity to live and work with the finest and durable furniture. Here you have the chance to create and make the space you are looking for. Lifetime Satisfaction!

Furniture for universal use

A special feature of Noodles Authentic Furniture is that the furniture can be used in the working and living areas. For example, the clothes racks are well suited for the private wardrobe, but also perform well as a coat rack. Whether in agencies, offices or retail. The design makes a strong impression when presenting goods in showrooms, stores or at trade fairs. Tables work as a dining table, home office, agency or restaurant. Shelves, sideboards and cabinets are sized to fit file folders, but can also be filled with the 33″ record collection, coffee table books, glasses and dishes, or food supplies. Our beds look good and are an asset to any bedroom. But have also already found their place in hotel rooms.

Kitchen furniture

Markant-Charming, solid and practical

The kitchen: a place open and lively invites to enjoyment and conviviality. Noodles Kitchen Furniture always convinces with practical minimalism and an extra dose of charm. With the unmistakable dark scale layer, which is sealed matt or with silky matt lacquer in pure white or other colors. In combination of Noodles Kitchen Furniture and electrical appliances, it is possible to design the right kitchen for everyone. Whether it’s a small kitchen for a rental or condominium or a spacious eat-in kitchen with a kitchen island. In the work area, Noodles Kitchen Furniture can be used to design solid, tasteful employee kitchens that are a visual asset and, thanks to the solid construction, can withstand the heaviest loads.




Very stable material with distinctive character

Steel – the elementary basis of the industrial revolution. At 2000 °C, iron ores, coke and limestone are processed in the blast furnace to produce pig iron from which steel is made. The dark layer of scale typical of this material, which is formed when the red-hot processed steel angles, flat irons and sheets cool down, is a major factor in shaping the distinctive character of Noodles Authentic Furniture.

In the Steel-Authentic basic version of the furniture, the surfaces of the steel elements are sealed with a transparent matt finish. Optionally with clear varnish or with beeswax. This protects against abrasion and preserves the natural charm. This allows the typical surface texture and color of the dark natural steel to be beautifully displayed. The steel for the production of Noodles Authentic Furniture is carefully selected. Each piece of furniture is unique.


The perfect complement to steel

To equip our furniture, we use only pine wood from sustainable forestry. The logs are processed in a historic sawmill, which was built in the century before last. The solid wooden boards are glued. The surface is elaborately brushed and finished with a high-quality natural oil product. This shows off the attractive wood grain well and gives a slightly textured feel. A vintage look that perfectly complements the style of the furniture.


Traditional cover for seat upholstery

When it comes to seating, leather has always been used. Appreciated for its extraordinary resilience and the typical look that results from frequent use, it is a perfect match for our other materials. The upholstered seat covers for wooden boxes or upholstered seat plates for stools add extra class to the furniture.


The classic

Our T-shirts are all made of organic cotton and carry the GOTS seal. The filling of the denim cushion seat pads are made of recycled cotton.

Wire mesh

The classic from traditional production

Originally invented for agriculture, wire mesh is also widely used in industrial and military applications. The inspiration for the use of wire mesh for Noodles Authentic Furniture comes from historical storage cabinets, as they were widely used in earlier times. Gradually, the wire mesh has found use as a functional and stylistic element in other Authentic Furniture designs. The distinctive look has established itself as a clear design feature of our furniture line.


Complements wood and steel

With the matching glass lids for the wooden boxes, you have the opportunity to store favorite pieces and continue to view them. Be it books , magazines or collectibles.



Old-fashioned – and yet contemporary

The ceramic sinks we use to furnish Noodles Authentic Kitchen Furniture come from the French-German manufacturer Villeroy and Boch, whose origins date back to 1748. There are many good reasons for ceramic sinks. The material impresses with robustness, because it is insensitive to heat and cold. It is scratch and impact resistant, making it as durable as our furniture. In addition to all these practical quality features, ceramic sinks simply look great and combine perfectly with the style of Noodles Authentic Kitchen Furniture.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel faucets: a clean thing

The finest steel with the highest degree of purity is the best material for faucets when it comes to purity and hygiene. Our faucets come from an internationally renowned manufacturer that specializes in producing high quality faucets made of 100% stainless steel.

Water refinement

Finest spring water from your tap

To ensure that the purest water flows from the tap in your kitchen, we offer high-quality water filter systems from Leogant. Water is the most important food. In top quality constantly available. Never have to lug water boxes or buy plastic bottles again! A combination of the best filtration and vitalization systems not only filters pollutants from the water, but also restores the natural balance of the water.