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A Noodles Industrial Highboard conjures up authentic factory charm in your home and creates a unique atmosphere. Inspired by the industrial construction of the early 20th century, this piece of furniture is handcrafted from solid steel and finished with visible traces of its manufacturing process. A unique piece, like all Noodles furniture.

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Highboard Industrial - unique piece in the style of industrial construction

A sideboard, or highboard, in industrial style by Noodles is like no other piece of furniture a tribute to the times of the industrial revolution and the understanding of quality of that era. The design of this imposing piece of furniture picks up on the style-defining details that make up the unique look of the time: a sideboard crafted from solid steel sheets, strip and angle steel, and rivets to create an imposing one-of-a-kind piece. A unique piece because, like all Noodles Industrial furniture, it is individually handcrafted to order in the traditional way - copy by copy. With the Noodles Authentic Furniture Sideboard, you're not just setting up a piece of furniture, it's more of a statement.


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Industrial piece of furniture with cult character: Noodles highboard

Steel highboards in the spirit of the industrial revolution

An industrial style highboard from Noodles is not only a timelessly beautiful piece of furniture with cult character. It is authentic and sustainable. This is what we have stood for since the beginning of our foundation over 30 years ago. Building furniture from steel means building furniture for eternity, because it lasts just as long. If you order an industrial highboard here in the online store, you can be sure that you will be able to bequeath this copy to your descendants. Steel is not only outstanding in terms of durability and robustness. Steel is a material that can be recycled and manufactured into new products again and again. The use of resources is relatively low compared to other materials and manufacturing processes. In combination with pine wood, which you will find inside the highboard as storage surfaces, this way of building furniture is one of the most environmentally friendly ever. Because the wood we use also comes from sustainable forestry. This is how furniture like our Industrial Style Sideboards are created by traditional handwork in our furniture factory in Upper Silesia, and they stand the test of time.

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Highboards that stand the test of time in terms of aesthetics and durability

The stubbornly eccentric look of our Industrial Highboards is the result of a lot of tinkering. We were driven and inspired to create this design by our passion for the unique aesthetics and special spirit of an era that peaked in the early 20th century: the Industrial Revolution. In this era, social and economic life shifted from the countryside to the cities. Steel was the predominant material in architecture and factories. But steel was also the material of choice in artisanal businesses and workshops. In locksmith shops, for example, metal cabinets such as our Industrial Highboards were built from solid steel for their own use and used directly on site. The steel cabinets with lockable doors were used to store tools and work materials. Because steel is an indestructible material, furniture made of this material will last forever. Through its long-term use, an industrial design highboard gains even more charm. You'll appreciate that and the traces of its traditional handcrafted manufacturing when you buy one of our industrial highboards for your four walls.

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